20 Free Writing Prompts for Winter

Now that the holidays are officially over, we can get back into the swing of things. Need some ideas for writing prompts? I have created my 101 Writing Prompts for Winter, and thought I would help ring in the New Year with a free sneak peek! The following 20 prompts are a sampling of  the prompts from 101 Writing Prompts for Winter.

Research Prompts

World Peace Day is December 21.  What is World Peace Day and how is it celebrated?  How was it started, and why?

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is December 7.  What was Pearl Harbor and why is there a day of remembrance for it?

Research the origin of kissing under the mistletoe.  What is mistletoe?  Why has it become a symbol of winter?  Why do people kiss under it?

Research the symbols of winter, i.e. Christmas Tree, nativity scene, snowflakes, a star, mistletoe, poinsettias, etc.  What do each of these symbols represent, and why are they symbolic of winter?

Argumentative/Persuasive Prompts

You have been asked to choose a new sport for the Winter Olympics.  What sport would you choose?  Convince the committee to choose your sport.

You have been asked to write a proposal banning the manufacture and wear of ugly Christmas sweaters. Convince the powers that be that ugly Christmas sweaters should be outlawed.  Be sure to provide examples and details to support your argument.

The Boy Scouts of America was founded in February, 1910.  As a scout, young boys and young men work hard to earn badges for completing tasks and service projects.  If you received badges for the things you do, what badges would they be?  Write about a new badge that you think all boys/young men should have to earn, and why.

Descriptive/Narrative Prompts

Think about a time when you realized that not everyone had the same things as others.  Some have more money and objects, others have less.  Some people get to spend time with their families at the holidays, and others don’t.  Think about the time you realized that not everyone was in the same situation as you, and how it made you feel.

Think about the time you learned that there was no Santa Claus. When was that moment, how old were you, and how did it make you feel? Be sure to paint an image in the reader’s mind to take them on that journey of discovery with you.

The first week of December is Tolerance Week.  Describe a time where you were tolerant, or witnessed someone being either tolerant or intolerant.


Create a plan for your school on how to honor Black History Month.

Explain to someone who does not share your religious beliefs how you celebrate your religious holiday.

Families do not always get along at the holidays. Describe how family discord can be a problem at these times, and detail how to best handle these situations.

Response to Literature (Quotes, poems)

Explain and respond to the following quote by Bill Watterson: “I like these cold, gray winter days. Days like these let you savor a bad mood.”

Explain and respond to the following Japanese Proverb: One kind word can warm three winter months.

Analyze the poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost.  What is the poem’s tone?  To what is winter being compared?  What is the meaning of the poem? Be sure to cite specific lines from the text to support your analysis.

Creative Writing Prompts

National Haiku Poetry Day is December 22.  Choice three of the symbols of winter and write haikus about them.

Write an “ode” to something winter-related, i.e. a snowflake, a snowman, a fireplace, a Christmas tree, presents, etc.

Write a story that begins “It wasn’t until I looked at the present that I realized what it really was…”

Create a poem about the ugliest Christmas sweater ever seen.

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