15+ Pinterest Boards Teachers Should Be Following #edchat


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Pinterest seems to be taking the teaching world by storm.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out this visual virtual playground, you have got to take a moment to check it out – even if you don’t decide to start an account yet.  There are some absolutely amazing boards out there that provide links to fabulous teaching ideas, products, freebies, giveaways, classroom organizational ideas, and more!  There are boards separated by grade level, subject area, subject within a subject (for example, I have a board on Reading/Literary Analysis), and more.  Simply click on a picture, and it will take you to the blog post or product page instantly!

So, I have done some research (by spending most of my evenings pinning away) and would like to recommend some amazing boards and Pinners you should be following!

#1: Charity Preston from The Organized Classroom Blog – Charity currently has nearly 8000 followers of her 3343 pins on boards.  Be sure to check out her “Classroom Management Ideas,” “Classroom Environment Ideas,” and “Seasonal Teaching Ideas” boards.

#2 Started by Charity Preston, you MUST check out “Classroom Freebies!” with over 1150 real-life FREEBIES for the classroom!

#3 Don’t miss some amazing grade level boards (also started by Charity).  Featuring teaching ideas, blog posts, products, freebies, articles, and other ideas, these grade level specific boards can help teachers find just what they need in just a few clicks.  Just a few are: First Grade Faculty, Fourth Grade Friends, Middle School Maestros, and High School Herd

#4 One of the largest collections is from PediaStaff, with over 100 boards and nearly 8400 pins.  I recommend starting with the Welcome board so that you can get an idea of how to best use the boards and navigate yourself through this huge resource for parents and teachers alike.

#5 Victoria Leon of The Best of Teachers Pay Teachers has started her own set of boards, featuring…the best of TeachersPayTeachers.  She’s also separated these boards into subject.  Check out the TPT Language Arts Lessons and The Best of TPT FREE, which features tons of free products on TPT.  There are also separate boards for math, social studies, and science.

#6 Debbie Clement has to be one of the Pinterest Queens, with over 10,000 pins to her boards!  An author and songstress, Debbie’s boards are centered around her songs for primary students, and are full of color and life.  Be sure to check out Alligator, Alligator, for an idea of her boards, as well as the collaborative Kid Blogger Network Activities & Crafts collaborative board with 1660 pins!

#7  Melissa Alonzo-Dillard (with close to 2500 followers) also has some amazing boards for Classroom OrganizationCenter Ideas,  and Daily Five.

#8 For days when you need a sub, hop on Pinterest and check out Rachel Friedrich’s Sub Hub Freebies, and Substitute Teaching Ideas

As a final word, I must warn you that Pinterest is highly addictive!  It’s one of those things you get lost in…and “wake up” hours later wondering where the time went. (You have been warned.) Of course, while you’re wandering, I would love it if you also took a moment to check out and follow my Pinterest Boards as well!

Happy Pinning!

P.S. Don’t wait for an invitation from Pinterest…leave your email address and I would be happy to invite you myself!

32 thoughts on “15+ Pinterest Boards Teachers Should Be Following #edchat

  1. What a great source of additional collections to follow! Thanks so much for sharing my set of boards with your readers. I really do feel that Pinterest offers such an amazing opportunity for inspiration. I am ‘working’ hard to create a set of boards to support those working with young children. THANKS!!!!!!

    Debbie Clement


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