LiveBinder Resources For Educators

Do you know about LiveBinders?  If not, you should!  LiveBinders is an online resource that allows anyone to create a virtual binder of materials, sites, images, and more, that you can save and access at any time.  You can create binders that are private – only for your eyes – or public, to share with anyone.

The great thing about LiveBinders is that there are so many public binders for educators! We have made about a dozen binders of our materials and findings and have made them public for anyone to view (we’ve got 24 binders).  You are able to search by subject, such as “Education” to view all binders that have been categorized as educational.  There are also boards that have been posted by educators from all subject areas and interests.  Some of the most popular include iPads in Schools, which is a binder of resources for using iPads in the classrom, An Educator’s Guide to Twitter, and Classroom Printables.   There is also a way to filter further, such as by grade level or subject area, such as English, Common Core, and High School.

You can work on binders alone, or as a collaborative project, such as class blogs.  You can also embed binders within websites or blogs to share the binder to your viewers.  To view all the capabilities LiveBinders has to offer, view their intro video.

Have fun! To view our LiveBinder shelf, please CLICK HERE

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