Secondary Solutions History – A Lesson in Perseverance and Customer Loyalty

I was recently asked by a new customer “How long has Secondary Solutions been around…and why haven’t I heard of your great products before?”  I told her we were on our 7th year in business, and at that statement, I was taken aback myself for a moment.  I can’t believe that we are still around!  I mean, I am so grateful and thankful and happy to be around still, but I just can’t believe that even with the rough economy and meager beginnings… we are not only surviving, but thriving, and now growing in ways we only dreamed about!

I decided to take a gander back in time to our most humble beginnings.  Here’s a screen shot from a view of our website back in August of 2005!  Yes, only 9… NINE titles!!!  We actually opened our online store with 8 titles, so this was growth!

By October of 2006, we had added some titles and enhanced our website a bit.  We were now boasting 16 titles!!

Here’s a shot from our site in February 2008!  WOW!  Can you say “learning curve”?  Talk about a BORING site!  Words, words, words!  But, we had 23 titles!

I think by May of 2009, we realized there was too much going on on the homepage, so we simplified a bit…with 32 titles.  Not sure why the cover pics aren’t showing up, but it looks pretty cool having all those titles along the side!

By January 2011, we finally moved our site to our current host at Volusion, and we couldn’t be happier!  What an improvement!  At this time we had begun revising titles that did not meet our current standards, so the count of titles stalled.  We had 28 at this point.

Later, we added our blog and of course, all the social sharing buttons, so we were stylin’!  And here we are today:

We would never had been able to travel this journey without our amazingly loyal customers!  We have gained quite a following of fabulous teachers, and we are truly thankful you have stayed with us!  We’ve got exciting things in store coming soon, and can’t wait to see where the next 7 years will take us!

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Secondary Solutions History – A Lesson in Perseverance and Customer Loyalty

  1. Great Job! Customers should be treated as if they are our relatives and loved ones. It is very important that we show them our loyalty. Thanks for sharing some views and information about what you have achieved. Keep it up!


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