The Hunger Games Common Core Standards Based Guide Now Available!

One of our most-anticipated, highly requested Literature Guides is now available! Our Common Core and NCTE/IRA Standards-Based Literature Guides for The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins has now been released! (*Currently only available in PDF/E-Guide download.  Print version coming soon!) Over 300 pages of materials, designed for grades 7-9 including:

  • 19 specific Pre-Reading Ideas and Activity Prompts
  • Author Biography on Suzanne Collins with corresponding questions
  • Article on the Myth of Theseus with corresponding questions
  • Historical Context article on Propaganda
  • Historical Context article on Roman Influences
  • Allusions, Terminology, and Sayings from the novel (defined and explained)
  • Vocabulary lists with and without definitions
  • List of Characters with explanations
  • Note-Taking and Summarizing pages
  • Comprehension Check/Study Guide Questions for each Chapter
  • Standards Focus/Literary Analysis activities on Characters, In Medias Res, Building a Fictional World, Character Analysis, Literary Archetypes, Point of View, Conflict, Character Map, Map of the Setting, Inner Thoughts, Foreshadowing, and more
  • Assessment Preparation activities on Verb Tenses and Moods, Coordinate and Cumulative Adjectives, Etymology, Author’s Purpose, Writing with Purpose/Concise Word Choice, Reflective Writing, Word Choice, Audience, Writing Powerful Sentences, Showing Not Telling, and more
  • Three Different “Hands-On/Active” Activities
  • Reading and Vocabulary Quizzes
  • Final Tests
  • Teacher Guide with Sample Agenda
  • Summary of the Novel
  • Rubrics for Projects
  • Post-Reading Ideas and Alternative Assessment Ideas
  • and more!

To view sample pages and/or purchase now CLICK HERE!

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Revised Macbeth Literature Guide Just Released!

It’s FINALLY here!  Our REVISED Macbeth Literature Guide is now available in PDF/E-Guide format!  We are so excited about everything this amazing Guide has to offer– over 100 revised and NEW pages!!

This Secondary Solutions Literature Guide for Shakespeare’s Macbeth includes 145 pages of practical, ready-to-use worksheets and activities for teaching this thrilling classic in grades 10-12.  Includes Pre-Reading Ideas and Activities on Ghosts and Superstition, The “Real” Macbeth and Duncan, an author biography, Historical Context activities on Theater in Shakespeare’s Day, and the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 ; List of Allusions, Terminology, and Expressions from the novel, defined; Vocabulary List with and without definitions; Note-Taking and Summarizing activities for each chapter or section; Journal Topics, Comprehension Check/Study Guide questions for each scene;  Standards Focus activities on Dialogue, Monologue, and Asides, Mood, Figurative Language, Plot and Conflict, Irony, Characterization, Character Analysis, Motif, Tragedy and the Tragic Hero, and Theme; Vocabulary Acquisition activities; Quizzes, Tests and more with Complete Answer Key and Teacher’s Guide.

Be sure to head over to Secondary Solutions to purchase now and save 20% with coupon code 24BAN11 until October 2!